Live from Planet Zok – A New Project

The Media Collective is preparing a new project to begin this coming semester on Purdue Student Radio: Live from Planet Zok.

The show will be a mix of music, improvisation, and audio from the web site. There will also be a segment where listeners can call in and share their thoughts with the topic of the week.

We will be posting flyers around campus to generate awareness of this new project, but we will also need your help spreading the word as well. Tell your friends they will have a reason to listen to the student run radio this fall.

Here is our first design:

Live from Planet Zok (Solar System) Poster

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2 thoughts on “Live from Planet Zok – A New Project”

  1. Soon. Either the 23rd or the 30th. But since we have the Whats up with that? opener on the 22nd, I don’t know if the 23rd will happen. We shall see.

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