We’re Not Dead.

Wow. It’s been too long. Life has gotten in the way of pursuits.

However, we did recently post some audio on Soundcloud to explore that social network.

You can hear a sample track from an upcoming release, Thank You Ron Rivest. For everything.

UPDATE: Apparently, we already had a post called, We’re Not Dead. From 2007. At least it has been 6 or so years since that last one.

Be on the lookout for more audio, art, and theatricality.

As stated in Forty Years of Fluxus, let’s incorporate these ideas into experiment of 2014:

As I see it, Fluxus was a laboratory. The research program of the Fluxus laboratory is characterized by twelve ideas:

globalism, the unity of art and life, intermedia, experimentalism, chance, playfulness, simplicity, implicativeness, exemplativism,
specificity, presence in time, and musicality.