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Noise: Doberman – At Large in the City Bootleg – Foam City 2013-06-29

FoamCity-Locals Only-Poster-2013-06-29

Doberman. Loud. Noisy. Theatric. Shin splitting gravel sounds emitted through various amplifiers. The show opened with some found sound from an interview and then broke way to a larger cacophony of sounds, supplied by its diverse instrumentation.

In this locals-only show Wasps Masks, The Unusual Few, and the Gestalts also took the stage throughout the night for a fun, high energy, and loud, knock’em around show at Foam City.

Listen to the At Large in the City Bootleg:

Doberman - At Large in the City Bootleg - 2013-06-29 - Cover

MP3: [audio:]

Doberman – At Large in the City Bootleg – Foam City 2013-06-29 (28:46) MP3 | OGG

Foam City, and other venues, should continue to support the local scene as much as they can.

Journal and Courier: A new generation of punk rock comes to Foam City

Theatre: 10-Minute Play Festival

2013 Civic Theater Playwrights 10-Minute Play Festival Interest Poster

Some of our members are working with the Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette Playwrights to bring you a 10-minute play festival this June 21st and 22nd.

There is an open call for submissions. All plays are due by April 10th. Feel free to submit early and often to 10minute[a]

We will also be holding some 10-minute play workshops. Please check the Civic Theatre newsletter and this web site for more information.

Spread the word and tell a friend. Social media helps, too.

You There!: (fLUXUS FOAM) Event Scores

Fluxus Foam Leave Event Score 2013-02-03b

The first of many fluxus workshops deals with the event score; markings on paper articulating theatre.

A sample event score we used previously would be as follows:

Kite String Tangle – (TJ)

  • Needed: String, buttons
  • Cue: Hand someone string: “Keep this taut”
  • Tie kite string to various parts of Foam City, leaving ends loose tied to buttons / Throughout the evening, hand strings to people / Get them to shuffle seats / Tangle / Cut free


If we deconstruct this particular format, we are left with:

  • Title
  • Necessary items, props, materials, concepts, etc.
  • How to initiate this particular event score.
  • An abstract of the event score using descriptive verbs.

When you write your event scores, don’t forget these elements.  Refer to this page if necessary.  Bookmark it now.  Like it.  Tweet it.  Staple it.  Never feel ashamed due to lack of memory.

Want to verbally express your theatrical contribution? Give us a call at 312-DRY-TOFU. It’s a voicemail art line. Call day or night.

Spectacle: fLUXUS FOAM 2013


vote. wait. welcome. work.
bless the shoulders
my mouse hand hurts.
remake the sounds that effect
the affect of my ears.
understand and ensure
the protective glare,
i always know to uphold
the change you claim dear.
to declare to maintain
the management to preserve
all follow and defend!

We are encouraging the greater Lafayette area to write and submit event scores again. Start yours today!

We also need artists and non-artists of all sorts, working in a variety of mediums: noise, painting, drawing, sculpture, poetry, printmaking, digital graphics, architecture, ceramics, etc.

Most of all, we are here to make theatre in its purest form; the spectacle.

Join us for fLUXUS FOAM this summer.

If you would like to be kept in the loop regarding our fluxus workshops, please contact us.