Lala 2011 Fall Line-Up Interview and E3 Sampler


We recently had the pleasure of enjoying E3 at the Lala Gallery in Downtown Lafayette.

After the noise, we interviewed Angela about the upcoming line-up at Lala over the next year or so. Some topics include:

Look. Learn. Create. Collect.
Look. Learn. Collect your creations. Collect other art.
September 16th Gallery Walk Second Space Gallery!
Beat Your Knuckles on the Door
How does one bang their knuckles the door to get showcased?
Market the big dogs!
Apply for the South Gallery
Middle of September, call for entry!
Risky. Shaking. Style.
I’m just loving it.
Lala Facebooks.
Look ahead. Shaking it up.
Lala will continue.

Angela Vinson’s Interview in the Fall of 2011 about the upcoming Line-Up

MP3: [audio:]

An Audio Collage of the September 2nd, 2011 E3 Event

MP3: [audio:]

Learn more about Lala’s artists.

Waiguoren on Rice – S01E02 – School Days

Recently, one of our friends, Mike, moved to China as a volunteer in the Peace Corps. He has also started a blog of the same name, Waiguoren on Rice.

We connected with our friend Mike over Skype recently and produced the following audio.

Hear his tales of model school, food, and preparing for his placement at a university.

The music used in this episode, Chinese Blues by Moore and Gardner, was downloaded from the Free Music Archive. It was played from a 1916 George Gershwin piano roll. Lovely.

MP3: [audio:]

Download Waiguoren on Rice – S01E02 – School Days (8:33) in MP3 or OGG.

We had some failures recording via Audacity, so we had to record from the speaker again. Sorry for those horrible mouse clicks.

Event: September 26th – Knickerbocker Write Club

The next Knickerbocker Write Club will take place on Monday, September 26th. More details to come!

Add yourself to the pool of Write Club Battle Contenders or become a member of our mailing list! Please sign-up here.

We are always looking for artists, satirists, playwrights, poets, actresses, short story writers, actors, novelists, extemporaneous creators, instrumental musicians, comedians, audience members, and anyone else who loves creativity!

If you would like to get involved, please contact us.