Percussive Group Practice near Memorial Union

While going on a bike ride around campus, we came across this group practicing between the Stewart Center and the Purdue Memorial Union.

We captured a time lapse video of their performance and put the first song to the video.

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If you want to hear all of the audio I recorded (a little over 4 minutes), check it out here:

Percussive Purdue (04-18-2009)

Three Pillars of Comedy Documentation and Interview

Three Pillars of Comedy Purdue University April 3rd, 2009 Flyer

We attended the three pillars of comedy put on by the Purdue improv group, The Crazy Monkeys. The night consisted of three different types of comedy: short form, long form, and sketch. The Ship of Fools, The Crazy Monkeys, and the University tWits performed each of these styles respectively.

We recorded the introduction to night given by Shauvon at Hot Box Pizza, followed by Andrew’s warm-up of the crowd before the Ship of Fools came out on stage.


We missed the intro to the Crazy Monkey’s show at Greyhouse so we were unable to capture that audio.

Before the third installment of this great event started, I managed to snag an interview with Logan Lampton, a member of the Crazy Monkeys. We talked about the night, how he become a member, and the process of animating imaginary people.


And, like the idiots we are, nothing of the University tWits was recorded. So there you have it, an incomplete documentation of the nights events. Enjoy!