The Litter Project

Here’s a new project we just thought of the other day: The Litter Project.

We go on a lot of walks and one consistent thing we come into contact with is litter. This is a documentation of that exposure. Everything in this post was picked up on the evening of August 20th, 2008.

Litter Project 08-20-2008 01 Litter Project 08-20-2008 02 Litter Project 08-20-2008 03 Litter Project 08-20-2008 04 Litter Project 08-20-2008 05 Litter Project 08-20-2008 06 Litter Project 08-20-2008 07

When we are done scanning the litter, we recycle what we can and then throw away the rest. Isn’t consumption grand?

Downtown Lafayette Gallery Walk Audio Collage

Picture from

We took our recorder to the gallery walk last night and recorded some of the street performers. If you have never been on a Gallery Walk, you should. It’s a great time to see local art exhibits, enjoy some live music, drink free wine and eat some free food. A very enjoyable time.

The flyer can be downloaded from the Tippecanoe Arts Federation website.

Download Downtown Lafayette Gallery Walk Audio Collage 08-01-2008