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West Lafayette Council Viewpoint Vol.1.2 – Councilwoman Judy Rhodes – September 1993

In an effort to put forth some interesting media from #greaterlala’s past, we are working on digitizing the Community Files at the West Lafayette Public Library.  There is a treasure of history contained in these cabinets.

Our first gem we want to post is an old newsletter that Councilwoman Judy Rhodes (now the Clerk-Treasurer) used to publish in 1993.

Download the PDF:  Council Viewpoint Vol 1.2 Judy Rhodes 1993-09

Poetry: Artistic Constraints Vol. 1

All poems were written with at least two people at the local Von’s Books in Chauncey Village. The process was simple; draw a symbol at random (contained within our FluxKit) and then create a syllabic constraint for the others to follow. Below is some of our output:

blue tie tight collar
sweaty palms licking fingers
cash flowing through them


toe nails dig in deep
“i will not!” screamed the small man
sinking deeper still


traffic jamming all up in my shit
honk bonk squank kill. another ticket is all
you see, good lawyers are friends of mine


suns hurt my eyes ever so
can it be true? what i feel for you
comprehension is all mine


smirk, sag. droopy eyes.
crushed beneath grey sky giants
not ready to quit


field of shrooms outer
flocking fungus, private land
green green green grass glows


gated neighborhood
penned with gilded cages
behind curtains, eyes.


arrows pushing round
friction. friction. mass head sound.
hot. hot. then sweet cold.


two eyes and a nose
in shadows painted on the kitchen wall
toiling over you


acknowledgement, taking, self.
flowing wallpaper is very nice
sing damnit. sing your heart out.


commercially made
from the finest fibers found
nested in pockets


i don’t want jock itch
clean underwear means success
dry, powder me please
potato here, there
eyes blink, over and over
why are you looking


opening our jar
inside taste; the big surprise
nummy, nummy, yum


passing through course. lead.
me to a bigger surprise
pay attention please


money at my door
knock knock. who is it? knock knock
aaron burr bang bang


on a frosty mountain top
eating the heart of the core above
they are abominable


inspiration leaps down up
hammer of the law smacks down clap. clap
i float between clogged clocks


starry eyes wrapping around tightly
the night is young, the man is old and cannot see
so he reaches into memory


spouty water leaves
rolling up the tree slowly
lapping wholeness. yum


hot girders in rusty sunlight
cracking open a coarse smile
driftwood on the beach


artistic constraints
like fingers on my left hand
knees. toes. nose. bows. rose.

DSM-IV the Game! DSM IV the Game presents…

a Bored? Let’s Play… production

DSM-IV the Game!

This is a work of serious. Get it?


A beautiful way to engage and learn about yourself, family, and friends. An ice breaker at your next holiday gathering.

Hold a mirror to yourself and others.

Items Needed:

DSM Access (books or Wikipedia)
One literate person
People for which to analyze.

How to Play:

  1. Choose a disorder from your DSM source.
  2. Read the criteria for the selected disorder aloud.
  3. Depending on which style of play you are using (next page), proceed accordingly.
  4. Continue through the remaining criteria or until you or the group want to explore another disorder in the DSM.
  5. The game session ends when one hour has elapsed.

Solo Play: Self-diagnosis

On a sheet of paper, take notes about how you feel regarding each of
the criteria and numeric value for how much you display that symptom. At
the end of the disorder, add up your score, divide by the number of
criteria you evaluated yourself on. This your disorder index. Continue
through the disorder.

Multi-Player: Group Therapy

Go around the circle in a designated order. Verbally discuss each player’s
exemplification of the current symptom. Give examples of incidents
when these were symptomatically displayed. Continue through the

Multi-Player: Psychiatrist(s) and Patient

Played in the same manner as Group Therapy, except one individual is chosen as the focus for the disorder. Bonus: If a player feels another player exemplifies this disorder, the focus of the current session can be switched to them by way of range voting. Continue through the disorder.

Two Sample Disorders from Wikipedia:

Major Depressive Episode

The player reports a depressed mood/appears depressed to others. They express feeling sad, depressed, empty, “down in the dumps,” hopeless. The player is in denial about these feelings, yet appears to be on the verge of tearfulness, has a depressed facial expression and disposition, or appears to be overly irritable.

Delusional Disorder

The player expresses an idea or belief with unusual persistence or force. The individual tends to be humorless and oversensitive, especially about the belief. An attempt to contradict the belief is likely to arouse an inappropriately strong emotional reaction, often with irritability and hostility.

PDF: Version 1, Version 2 || Learn to fold your copy of DSM-IV the Game!

Please let us know if you plan a DSM-IV the Game! Night.

Birthday Wishes and Summer Dreams

Alternatives to Television

Image courtesy of

Here at the Media Collective, we have several summer birthdays. Because of this, we have decided to release our Please Try Alternatives to Television in Lieu of Birthday Gifts Log to the world. It is a new idea we’re trying for this year’s round of birthdays. Hopefully we get some people to participate.

If you need to change something on the form, you can download and edit this Rich Text Format version. Please send us your changes. We would love to see them!

The idea is simple:

  1. Send people a link to the form with your birthday wishes/reminders.
  2. Have people get mad at the prospect of giving up their precious televisions.
  3. Check up on people to see how many hours they have given up and the activities they have done.
  4. Receive completed forms before your next birthday.
  5. Congratulate people who complete the task.

That’s it. It’s really that simple. If you decide to use this for your birthday, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you and we will post any results you happen to send our way. We will do the same if we get anything as well.