Chicago Zinefest 2012 – S01E02 – Rosy Phinick & God Save the Zine

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March of 2012 we conducted interviews with people who tabled and patronized the Chicago Zinefest. We will do the same this year during the 2013 Chicago Zinefest.

Enjoy the meanderings with Rosy Phinick, God Save the Zine, and everyone else.

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E3: shooting roots out into the bare bark

Ed Sarath Picture E3

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This Saturday, February 9th, E3 will be hosting at Foam City. Pyramid of information:

MP3: [audio:]

Difficulty hearing? Cheers.

Baaaaaabeeeey. E3. Saturday. February 9th. Doors open at 7:30. Where? Foam City. 409 North 3rd Street in Lafayette. Cost? Suggested 5 dollars. What you need to know is E3 welcomes Flugelhornist Ed Sarath who will be performing duets with local musicians Judd Danby, Lynn Colwell, Danny Weiss, Don Nichols, visual artist Esteban Garcia and dancer Rebecca Bryant. We suggest you enjoy both performances on Saturdy and Sunday*** night. Help celebrate the return to Foam City. This Saturday. Doors open at 7:40. 409 N. 3rd Street. With an exciting live performance. (drift off into the soft seas of hiss, crackle, and CRUNCH, UNCH, LUNCH, HAUNCH)

Download E3: shooting roots out into the bare bark (1:53), in MP3 or Ogg.

***Sunday Afternoon. Adelino’s. Jazz Club. Similar personnel (sans Judd, add vocals [to be named]), different setting. What will change????????


You There!: (fLUXUS FOAM) Event Scores

Fluxus Foam Leave Event Score 2013-02-03b

The first of many fluxus workshops deals with the event score; markings on paper articulating theatre.

A sample event score we used previously would be as follows:

Kite String Tangle – (TJ)

  • Needed: String, buttons
  • Cue: Hand someone string: “Keep this taut”
  • Tie kite string to various parts of Foam City, leaving ends loose tied to buttons / Throughout the evening, hand strings to people / Get them to shuffle seats / Tangle / Cut free


If we deconstruct this particular format, we are left with:

  • Title
  • Necessary items, props, materials, concepts, etc.
  • How to initiate this particular event score.
  • An abstract of the event score using descriptive verbs.

When you write your event scores, don’t forget these elements.  Refer to this page if necessary.  Bookmark it now.  Like it.  Tweet it.  Staple it.  Never feel ashamed due to lack of memory.

Want to verbally express your theatrical contribution? Give us a call at 312-DRY-TOFU. It’s a voicemail art line. Call day or night.