Music: The Unusual Few – Local Tuning Bootleg – Foam City 2013-06-29

FoamCity-Locals Only-Poster-2013-06-29

The Unusual Few gave another splendid performance this time in a larger venue, Foam City. In this locals-only show, Wasps Masks, Doberman, and the Gestalts also took the stage throughout the night for a fun, high energy, and loud, knock’em around show.

Listen to the Local Tuning Bootleg:

The Unusual Few - Local Tuning Bootleg Cover

UPDATE: We received the set list from Sid. Follow along if you can. If not, you can do what you want with it.

1.Flower Chile
3.Bruise Me
4.I’m Not A
5.Don’t Tread On Me
7.Rotten Strawberries

MP3: [audio:]

The Unusual Few – Local Tuning Bootleg – Foam City 2013-06-29 (16:34) MP3 | OGG

Foam City, and other venues, should continue to support the local scene as much as they can.

Journal and Courier: A new generation of punk rock comes to Foam City

Theatre: Civic Theatre Playwrights Present the Inaugural 10-Minute Play Festival

Civic Theatre Playwrights 2013 10-Minute Play Festival

June 21st and 22nd will mark the inaugural Civic Theatre Playwright’s 10-Minute Play Festival. Doors open at 7PM. Show starts at 7:30. This is a pay-what-you-can event.

There are six plays in total, all written by local playwrights, with over 20 players involved in acting, lighting, sounds, etc.

In running order (all plays written and directed by the same unless otherwise noted):

  • Feed Me! – Zachary Baiel
  • Silent Treatment – Scott Haan
  • Welcome to New York – Deborah Gray
  • A Humble Path – Written by Steve Martin, Directed by Craig Martin
  • Adventures in Mutual Knowledge – Jeremiah Dole
  • El Loro, el Gato y el Espiritu Santo – Kelly McBurnette-Andronicos

Civic Theatre Playwrights 2013 10-Minute Play Festival Poster 02

We hope to see you at the Civic Theatre this Friday or Saturday.

You can read more about the process, the plays, playwrights, and players at the Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette’s blog, or on the Facebook event page.

Update 2013-06-20:  WBAA did a wonderful interview with Kelly McBurnette-Andronicos (writer/director) and Hannah Lazarz (player) who are in the Civic Theatre Playwrights 10-minute play festival.