Spectacle: fLUXUS FOAM 2013


vote. wait. welcome. work.
bless the shoulders
my mouse hand hurts.
remake the sounds that effect
the affect of my ears.
understand and ensure
the protective glare,
i always know to uphold
the change you claim dear.
to declare to maintain
the management to preserve
all follow and defend!

We are encouraging the greater Lafayette area to write and submit event scores again. Start yours today!

We also need artists and non-artists of all sorts, working in a variety of mediums: noise, painting, drawing, sculpture, poetry, printmaking, digital graphics, architecture, ceramics, etc.

Most of all, we are here to make theatre in its purest form; the spectacle.

Join us for fLUXUS FOAM this summer.

If you would like to be kept in the loop regarding our fluxus workshops, please contact us.

Interview: Portrait of Chad Bohren

Chad Bohren - 2012 - West Wall in Lala Gallery and Studio

We had the pleasure of interviewing Chad Bohren back in November of 2012 while he was taking down his show, The Puzzling Pictures of the Primate, at LaLa Gallery & Studio in Downtown Lafayette. After discussing some of his work, we walked around downtown, visited another gallery (Artist’s Own) to pick up a lost coffee cup (from the Java Roaster), strolled to the Tippecanoe County Public Library, and then settled in for dinner at the Black Sparrow.

MP3: [audio:http://themediacollective.org/wp-content/uploads/newschannelinternet/2012-Interviews/themediacollective.org-2012-11-10-interview-portrait_of_chad_bohren.mp3]

Download the interview Portrait of Chad Bohren (33:12), in MP3 or Ogg.