The Media Collective has lived its life. The archives will remain active for those researching the Village and Downtown art and political scenes between 2007-2014.

Thank you for everyone who participated in the Collective.

State Street Interviews – 2014 July – Cycling, Parking Garages, and Outside Music

We conducted some interviews around the State Street area.  We found a cyclist, someone setting up for a performance near the Union, and another individual hanging out in the Village.

We learn about loud vehicles, why you should signal on a bicycle, confusion between the Black Sparrow and Greyhouse, and broken legs and pain is not covered by insurance.

We will continue to gather more thoughts about the area. Let us know if you would like to contribute.

State Street Interviews – 2014 July – Cycling, Parking Garages, and Outside Music: (7:48) MP3 | OGG



West Lafayette Council Viewpoint Vol.1.2 – Councilwoman Judy Rhodes – September 1993

In an effort to put forth some interesting media from #greaterlala’s past, we are working on digitizing the Community Files at the West Lafayette Public Library.  There is a treasure of history contained in these cabinets.

Our first gem we want to post is an old newsletter that Councilwoman Judy Rhodes (now the Clerk-Treasurer) used to publish in 1993.

Download the PDF:  Council Viewpoint Vol 1.2 Judy Rhodes 1993-09

Developmental Movement: 2014-04-25 – Northwestern Ave.

Development Movement #greaterlala 2014-04-25 - Northwestern Ave Semi-Blockage

The Friday of Grand Prix weekend, 2014, we witnessed an interesting phenomena with a semi-truck on Northwestern Ave.  Is was around 10:30pm and even though we only have 3-story buildings, #plywoodcity, and other low density factors, traffic was disrupted.

Development Movement #greaterlala 2014-04-25 - Northwestern Ave Semi-Blockage

The current plans for the area include a new 5-story building at 225 Northwestern. The old Where Else building is boarded up and now dons the moniker #plywoodcity.  State Street Corner (as it is called), also has a PDMX coming in the works, but the project is currently in a stand-still for almost two years.  Even without these additions, education is needed in order to help make the area work smoothly.

Development Movement #greaterlala 2014-04-25 - Northwestern Ave Semi-Blockage

What types of architecure do we want in the Village?  Elsewhere? Are these the types of structures we want impacting our existence now? Will they help create a sustainable and vibrant future?

Thankfully, after a quick chat with the semi driver, asking them to move forward a bit, traffic was able to flow at a more sane degree given the circumstances of today.  What will they be like when there is a CVS on every corner?

If you would like to contribute, please use the hashtag: #dmlala


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