(Solo) Improv Exercise: RSS Monologue

RSS Monologue

What you will need: A computer or RSS enabled device


  1. Load a news RSS service in your favorite RSS reader (Firefox will work nicely and there are several listed below)
  2. Increase the font size so you can read it while standing
  3. Set your computer to autoscroll (video in full post)

Start up monologues based off of the title and opening sentence of the news stories that are scrolling over your screen. You should make sure that your screen is scrolling slow enough so you can say a few lines for each article.


Have two people or an entire ensemble use the news stories to start scenes.

RSS news Services and the limit of the results in the RSS feed

Google News Top Stories (100)
Google News World News (100)
Google News USA News (100)
Yahoo! World News (10)
Yahoo! USA News (10)
Yahoo! Top News (10)
Reuters Top News (10)
Reuters USA News (10)
Reuters World News (10)
Reuters Political News (10)
Reuters BusinessNews (10)

Digg Labs also has some good tools for this exercise:

Big Spy

And there is also twistori, a twitter news feed based on emotions.

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Project #1 – Picture while Waiting

Yes, it’s true. We are creating another project at the collective. This time we are going to try giving out creative assignments to see what people will come up with.

Project #1
Take a picture while you are waiting for something.

You could be waiting for a bus, cookies to cool, or your hard drive to defragment. Once we have received a few of these, we will post them to the site in a separate post. The only thing you have to do to be included in this project is to take the picture and then e-mail the piece to civicart[at]-REMOVETHIS-themediacollective.org

We can’t wait to see what you send in!!!