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State Street Interviews – 2014 July – Cycling, Parking Garages, and Outside Music

We conducted some interviews around the State Street area.  We found a cyclist, someone setting up for a performance near the Union, and another individual hanging out in the Village.

We learn about loud vehicles, why you should signal on a bicycle, confusion between the Black Sparrow and Greyhouse, and broken legs and pain is not covered by insurance.

We will continue to gather more thoughts about the area. Let us know if you would like to contribute.

State Street Interviews – 2014 July – Cycling, Parking Garages, and Outside Music: (7:48) MP3 | OGG



We’re Not Dead.

Wow. It’s been too long. Life has gotten in the way of pursuits.

However, we did recently post some audio on Soundcloud to explore that social network.

You can hear a sample track from an upcoming release, Thank You Ron Rivest. For everything.

UPDATE: Apparently, we already had a post called, We’re Not Dead. From 2007. At least it has been 6 or so years since that last one.

Be on the lookout for more audio, art, and theatricality.

As stated in Forty Years of Fluxus, let’s incorporate these ideas into experiment of 2014:

As I see it, Fluxus was a laboratory. The research program of the Fluxus laboratory is characterized by twelve ideas:

globalism, the unity of art and life, intermedia, experimentalism, chance, playfulness, simplicity, implicativeness, exemplativism,
specificity, presence in time, and musicality.

Music: You Gotta Be More Like Todd Rokita

(Heart) Rokita Band

We managed to capture a rare performance by the (Heart) Rokita Band, a three piece band from the Greater Lafayette area, at last night’s (October 4th, 2013) Vienna Open Mic.  This bootleg is a censored version due to a request of the employees.  Apparently there were children present.

Don’t worry. Rumor has it that a complete, uncensored, polished studio version will be released soon.

You Gotta Be More Like Todd Rokita: (5:21) MP3 | OGG




You’re spectacular, but you gotta be frugal.
You’re beautiful, but you got to be honest.

You gotta be more like Todd Rokita!
Mother fucker don’t never do no wrong!

You always do what’s best for us.
3/5 of the 4th District got your back.

You gotta be more like Todd Rokita!
Mother fucker don’t never do no wrong!

Insidious people write insidious laws.
Don’t worry Congressman, we gerrymandered for the cause.

We should all be more like Todd Rokita!
Mother fucker don’t never do no wrong!

Todd Rokita CNN 2013-10

Interview: Friday Before the Monday 2013-08-16 :: Why Did You Choose the Greater Lafayette Area?

A tradition we have is to interview the campus patrons on the Friday before the Monday classes start. It is a magical and enchanting evening filled with stories of the summer, serendipitous encounters, and the hope that this semester will be more positive than the previous.

This particular year, we focused on asking people why they were in the Greater Lafayette area, why they chose Purdue University, and their impressions of the urbanscape.

A few things we learned while conducting these interviews:

  • Fast paced to slower paced environment.
  • I chose this place because of Purdue.
  • Major difference between Illinois and Indiana? Slow. Different.
  • Desperation.
  • Go America. Live for freedom.
  • Until we done, we turn up.
  • Brian Lamb is from Lafayette and people know this.
  • Recruiters like Purdue because graduates are so willing to move wherever they off them a job.
  • Home Owners Association of West Lafayette
  • If students are your main economy, you need to feed the economy.

We hope you enjoy the meanderings we had throughout the evening as much as we did.

Friday Before the Monday Interviews 2013-08-16: (35:50) MP3 | OGG

MP3: [audio:]