The Importance of Coming Home

We finally finished our binaural microphones, so we had to go out and record something. These cuts are from the Chauncey-Village area on October 26h, 2008, the Saturday of Homecoming that year.

To get the full effect of these recordings, please listen with a pair of headphones.

Walking Passed the Bars (9:03)
I stroll by The Egyptian Cafe, Harry’s Chocolate Shop, Brothers, Where Else?, Jake’s, The Wabash Yacht Club, Hookah!

Walk Through Jakes (3:51)
My setup gets caught on the back of a guy’s shirt. Almost ripped the gear out of my hands.

Sitting on a Bench (5:18)
I sit on a bench, taking in the crisp night air.

What’s up with that? S02E06 (09-20-2008)

What's up with that? - Logo
What’s up with that? A show not hosted by Ryan Hill. Music used in this show was from:

Artist Album
BlueDid – didier.merlateau Cocktailabers
Trafic de Blues Fin de cavale
The Wavers Self-Titled
Tom Fahy Black Palms: Honolulu 1999
Luc Bartoli Manila
The Pharaos The Great Pharaos

Another show in the B35T-style. Let us know what you think.

We also did something a bit different for this show. Instead of the music stopping in the opening, we let it run through the entire show. As with our efforts before, all of this music is available under some kind of public license. You can download all of the tracks at the links above.


  1. Jobs. What are you views?
  2. Use as many adjectives, adverbs, and verbs to describe the market.
  3. How do you twitter, plurk, or pownce?
  4. Is it time for some campaignin’?
Download What’s up with that? S02E06 (09-20-2008) (28:33)

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Where did the Empty Futon crash?

Empty Futon Splash Poop

When is there going to be an update?

Where are you Empty Futon? No updates on the Facebook group. WHERE ARE YOU!

We’re sad, so we strummed out this song. Enjoy!

Couch Surfing – Empty Futon! Where are you? (2:05)

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The First and Only Episode of Live! From Planet Zok

We finally have edited down the first and only episode of Live! From Planet Zok.

The opening is a little strange. The training for Purdue’s Student Radio consisted of standing behind someone who was controlling the board and SAM program saying, “Here’s Deck A. Here’s Deck B. Drop stuff here. Make a playlist. Be sure to turn it on auto when you are done. Blah. Blah. Blah.” So we had no idea what was happening. Luckily, we figured it out. Enjoy!

Download the first and only episode of Live! From Planet Zok (47:37)

The first half of the show’s set list, which consisted only of open music, was:

Band Song Album
Enola Gay Nepal Soldier Single
Pink Stainless Tail Free Software Song Single
Neale & the Fauns You Left the Water Running History of Fen Punk Vol. III
(Break) The Fire Dept. Sean Breeze Elpee For Another Time
Its Always Last Tuesday Somewhere Paranoia Oktoberfest
Napalm Jazz Bucolique Free transgénique
(Break) F master F Fast Forward Tonight, Rewind Tomorrow Bang Yo Dead EP
Au Lit Les Mômes ! Le pont du Gard Au Lit Les Mômes !
Brad Sucks Making Me Nervous I Don’t Know What I’m Doing
Foolcut Something Like Jazz Something like Jazz

After the first part, we played some Pavarotti, Alejandro Sanz, Dashboard Confessional, chatted a bit, and then went off the air…seemingly for good. It was a fun ride. Hope you enjoyed it. We may do another show if Rez can ever find the time.