What’s up with that? S02 Ender

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What’s up with that? A show not hosted by Ryan Hill. The music included in this show was Go n’ Drop from the album Jazz U by Antony Raijekov and Mind Mapping from the album Thread Soul by Revolution Void. Always great, free music at Jamendo.com

Well. Another year has ended. Another season has ended. We actually had all of our shows edited and up before the year end this time. w00t!

This season was highly political due to the looming election at the time. Hopefully this audio will act as a time capsule for some of the attitudes, views, and thoughts that were held by the members of the Purdue community.

This year’s season ender includes clips from each episode and a little bit of rambling. The spin is that we removed our question prior to their answer. See if you can guess which questions we asked to elicit their illicit responses. 😉

If you talked to us this season, thank you! If you answered questions this season, a big thank you! If you made fun of us for wearing hats and gloves when it wasn’t cold out, we thank you as well! We appreciate any and all participation. We’ll see you next year the Friday before the 2009 classes.

Download What’s up with that? S02 Ender (11:16)