Write Club – Knickerbocker – June 27th, 2011

Mug of Beer Write Club Poster 2011-06-27

The previous Write Club

Monday, June 27th.

Some of the theatre we made from the June 27th Write Club:

A Letter from an Old Friend

MP3: [audio:http://themediacollective.org/wp-content/uploads/writeclub/2011-06-27/themediacollective.org-An%20Old%20Letter%20from%20a%20Friend.mp3]

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Write Club Member Interview with Alex

MP3: [audio:http://themediacollective.org/wp-content/uploads/writeclub/2011-06-27/themediacollective.org-Write%20Club%20Interviews-Alex.mp3]

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Write Club Battle :: Sane vs. Insane

MP3: [audio:http://themediacollective.org/wp-content/uploads/writeclub/2011-06-27/themediacollective.org-Write%20Club%20Battle%20Sane%20vs.%20Insane.mp3]

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Look for the next Write Club on July 25th. We are an experimental group. As such, we continue to learn more about ourselves as Write Club members, the audience, and the greater Lafayette area. To aid with that journey, we started to brainstorm our manifesto. You can read this ongoing Write Club Manifesto project here.

The next event will be a bit different from the previous ones. You can read about those changes in detail on the Write Club projects page.

Here is the copy from the June 27th Write Club Press Release:

The night will be filled with booze, Write Club Battles, food, readings from old writings, improvisational creation, pens, breaking the 4th wall, and paper. Instant theatre. Join us!

We need you to bring your old writings. Anything. Shopping lists, notebooks, journals, movie treatments, poems, wishes. Everything.

Create fresh material instantly. Perform with other writers.

If you would like to be added to the pool of Write Club Battle Contenders or added to our mailing list, please sign-up here.

312-DRY-TOFU – 2011-07-05

312-DRY-TOFU - Free-form Question, Comment, Improvisation Voicemail Line

Here is another installment of the free-form question, comment and improvisational voicemail art project, 312-DRY-TOFU (312-379-8638). Give us a call to share your perspective on anything and everything! Tell us about your day, improvise a monologue about a local event, or just sing us a song. If you can do it over your phone, we want to hear it.

In this episode, we hear stories about Digimon and Pokémon nerd rage, being born before or after the Independence of the United States, a couple of notes-to-self about donating blood, questions about where people should ride their bikes on US 52, why Iron Man is the best super hero ever, some inaudible story about the Irish parliament, and a beautiful stream of consciousness ends our show.

Please join us for the next episode by calling and contributing to 312-DRY-TOFU (312-379-8638)!

MP3: [audio:http://themediacollective.org/wp-content/uploads/drytofu/2011/themediacollective.org-312-DRY-TOFU-2011-07-05.mp3]

Download the insanity, 312-DRY-TOFU 2011-07-05 (10:28) in MP3 or Ogg.


Waiguoren on Rice – S01E01 – First Contact

Recently, one of our friends, Mike, moved to China as a volunteer in the Peace Corps. He has also started a blog of the same name, Waiguoren on Rice.

We managed to catch him on Skype and decided to record a netcast of our conversation. It went so well, we asked Mike if this could be a reoccurring show. He has tentatively agreed.

The music used in this episode, Chinese Blues by Moore and Gardner, was downloaded from the Free Music Archive. It was played from a 1916 George Gershwin piano roll. Lovely.

MP3: [audio:http://themediacollective.org/wp-content/uploads/waiguorenonrice/S01/Waiguoren%20on%20Rice%20-%20S01E01.mp3]

In this episode we talked about:

Download Waiguoren on Rice – S01E01 – First Contact (11:28) in MP3 or OGG.

We like to give a pictorial presence to our reoccurring audio, so if you have any ideas for a logo, please let us know.

Update 1 – Sorry about the mouse clicking. We were recording outside of our computer and will not let that happen again. We will try and use Audacity to record all future Skype interviews.

Update 2 – Squatting toilets seem to be quite superior to regular sitting toilets. Amazing what you learn from other countries and Wikipedia.