Sounds of an Empty Nest

Mac the Cockatoo

This is Mac the cockatoo. We recorded him on a visit to my parent’s house so we could have add him to the annuls of the Internet. My mother sent me a picture so we could accurately represent Macafee on the Internet.

My parents rescued Mac the Cockatoo from a neighbor who was mistreating him. I don’t know if they were prepared for this type of ambient noise. He doesn’t talk much. Usually only making farting and raspberry sounds at people he does not like. However, he will speak from time to time. Can you identify what Mac is saying in this clip?

The audio on this file is loud! You have been warned.


Download Sounds of an Empty Nest (1:32)

The Idle Kings Live at the Varsity Clubhouse

This past Friday the Idle Kings played at the Varsity Clubhouse (827 N. 6th Street, Lafayette Indiana). If you missed this great show, we have some MP3s for your to check out. Or you could listen to them live May 30th, 10PM at Zoolegers. We had a few issues with the Zoom H2 (ID10T errors), but managed to get most of the show.


Download the Idle Kings – Party Crashers (Live at the Varsity Clubhouse) (3:50)

Download the Idle Kings – Badonkadonk Blues (Live at the Varsity Clubhouse) (4:17)

Lafayette Food Co-Op Interview

At the first Farmers’ Market of the year, May 1st, we ran into some of the people doing surveys and interviews about starting a Lafayette Food Co-Op. We decided to do an interview ourselves. We talked to Cody, who is leading the way with this project.

It turns out there used to be one here for thirty years that finally died in the mid-90s. It’s time to bring this idea back to downtown Lafayette. If anyone has a inexpensive place that would need a little fixing up, please contact them!

Download the Lafayette Food Co-Op Interview

Contact Information:

E-mail: lafayettefoodcoop [a]

The co-op is in the very early planning stages, so be on the lookout for further developments. If you want to help out with this project, please contact them at the above address. We are very excited about the possibilities with this project. Please support local food, media, and community.

Danny Weiss at the Farmers Market

Danny Weiss playing at the Farmer's Market

The first audio piece put online that we recorded with our new Zoom H2 Handy Recorder. Let us know what you think.

This audio was taken on May 10th, at the Farmers Market, located on 5th Street in downtown Lafayette. We have Danny Weiss playing the saxophone, and entertaining the crowd early morning shoppers. Also, this is just a sample. There will be more!

You can hear the Danny Weiss Trio every Thursday night at the Black Sparrow from 10PM – 1AM.

The song is Jerome Kern’s All the Things You Are. Thanks for the update Danny!

Download Danny Weiss playing All the Things You Are at the Farmers Market (4:57)


Added another track, Sandu by Clifford Brown

Download Danny Weiss playing ‘Sanud’ at the Farmers Market (4:10)

The Idle Kings Live at Zoolegers

the Idle Kings Live at Zoolegers

Another Zoolegers bootleg. The last of which will be recorded with the “I’m Not a Music Recorder” Olympus WS-300M, so please excuse the quality. All future musical recordings will be with our newly acquired Zoom H2.

Ripped off from their MySpace:

Idle Kings is a dynamic duo featuring Sean Trevor ripping apart a fireapple-red Strat and his voice box, and Bryan Johnson beating the bejesus out of an old Maxwin named Gladys. That’s all there is to know. They play music. Damn fine music. What more could you want?

We checked them out at Zoolegers on May 2nd. It was a great show. People were screaming, dancing, and having a great time jumping up and down.

We had to leave early due to prior commitments (farmers market and garage sales), so it is not the complete show. But don’t let that stop you from taking a listen!

Download The Idle Kings Live at Zoolegers (1:34:27)