This page will hold links to current projects, along with ideas for future projects. If anything excites you enough to want to become involved, please let us know!

Current and active projects:

  • News Channel Internet – Coverage of the happenings in the Village/Chauncey area, near Purdue’s campus, and other parts of the city

Possible future projects

  • A performance group – Perform sketch and improv comedy before an audience (if you are interested in joining, contact us!)
  • Your Art is a Sign – Interview show discussing the messages of various artists and their art.

Retired projects

Vaporware Projects

These projects are still possible, but on the back burner for now.

  • A cutup skit show – Have people on the street perform the dialog, sound effects and music for a short, 30 second audio skit and then assemble.
  • An artist spotlight show – Do some interviews with local area artists (if you want to be interviewed, contact us!)
  • A random interview spotlight show – Do some in depth interviews with complete strangers (if you want to be interviewed, contact us!)
  • Host local media artists – We want to provide web space to those artists who are currently not on the web. You can get an address for free! Contact us if you are interested!

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