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State Street Interviews – 2014 July – Cycling, Parking Garages, and Outside Music

We conducted some interviews around the State Street area.  We found a cyclist, someone setting up for a performance near the Union, and another individual hanging out in the Village.

We learn about loud vehicles, why you should signal on a bicycle, confusion between the Black Sparrow and Greyhouse, and broken legs and pain is not covered by insurance.

We will continue to gather more thoughts about the area. Let us know if you would like to contribute.

State Street Interviews – 2014 July – Cycling, Parking Garages, and Outside Music: (7:48) MP3 | OGG



Interview: Friday Before the Monday 2013-08-16 :: Why Did You Choose the Greater Lafayette Area?

A tradition we have is to interview the campus patrons on the Friday before the Monday classes start. It is a magical and enchanting evening filled with stories of the summer, serendipitous encounters, and the hope that this semester will be more positive than the previous.

This particular year, we focused on asking people why they were in the Greater Lafayette area, why they chose Purdue University, and their impressions of the urbanscape.

A few things we learned while conducting these interviews:

  • Fast paced to slower paced environment.
  • I chose this place because of Purdue.
  • Major difference between Illinois and Indiana? Slow. Different.
  • Desperation.
  • Go America. Live for freedom.
  • Until we done, we turn up.
  • Brian Lamb is from Lafayette and people know this.
  • Recruiters like Purdue because graduates are so willing to move wherever they off them a job.
  • Home Owners Association of West Lafayette
  • If students are your main economy, you need to feed the economy.

We hope you enjoy the meanderings we had throughout the evening as much as we did.

Friday Before the Monday Interviews 2013-08-16: (35:50) MP3 | OGG

MP3: [audio:]

Chicago Zinefest 2012 – S01E02 – Rosy Phinick & God Save the Zine

Chicago Zinefest 2012 Logo

March of 2012 we conducted interviews with people who tabled and patronized the Chicago Zinefest. We will do the same this year during the 2013 Chicago Zinefest.

Enjoy the meanderings with Rosy Phinick, God Save the Zine, and everyone else.

MP3: [audio:]

Interview: Portrait of Chad Bohren

Chad Bohren - 2012 - West Wall in Lala Gallery and Studio

We had the pleasure of interviewing Chad Bohren back in November of 2012 while he was taking down his show, The Puzzling Pictures of the Primate, at LaLa Gallery & Studio in Downtown Lafayette. After discussing some of his work, we walked around downtown, visited another gallery (Artist’s Own) to pick up a lost coffee cup (from the Java Roaster), strolled to the Tippecanoe County Public Library, and then settled in for dinner at the Black Sparrow.

MP3: [audio:]

Download the interview Portrait of Chad Bohren (33:12), in MP3 or Ogg.

Interview: Beau Watson Dreams up a Boil of Fun with Dreamlancer

In everyone’s favorite downtown Lafayette bookstore, Robots and Rogues, we managed to catch up with Beau Watson, author of Dreamlancer: The Tournament of Heroes, for his first Mosey Down Main Street experience1.

Dreamlancer is a 283 page, 10 or 11 point serif font fantasy book that explores the monster, griffin, raptor, and Godzilla-esq shadow beast inhabited Dream Realm. You can peruse the Dreamlancer Field Guide (wiki) and pressure Beau to create an HTML5 game of the book.

A short synopsis taken from the Dreamlancer website:

Ryan Wilkinson is a fairly average young man – that is, until he goes to sleep. As he slumbers, he dreams he is the hero of a faraway land. He is the Champion of Elyria: the Dreamlancer. Ryan soon learns that these are no ordinary dreams and that some mysterious force is tampering with the energies that flow from our world to the weird and wonderful Dream Realm. If nothing is done about it, the Dream Realm – and perhaps our own reality – could face a cataclysmic disaster.

MP3: [audio:]

Download the interview, Beau Watson Dreams up a Boil of Fun (7:17), in MP3 or Ogg.

1A sad reality is that not many Purdue students know about this fun and engaging street festival that takes place monthly over the summer months in downtown Lafayette. How are we going to change that? Lafayette’s Community of Choice consultants want to know. Join the conversation #LafCoC.