Write Club Modular Comportments

Here are a list of modular comportments that we perform at Write Club. Some provide opportunities for extemporaneous creation. Come make something wonderful right away.


  • One word at a time poems and stories
  • Ask for (root, length [number of people, loops through the line, etc.]). Numerous people are on stage. People contribute one word at a time to the poem or story.

  • One line at a time poems and stories
  • Ask for (root, length [number of people, loops through the line, etc.]). Numerous people are on stage. People contribute one line at a time to the poem or story.

  • Interviews with Writers and Non-Writers
  • Ask for (root, length of interview). Two people. One is the interviewer. One is the interviewee. An interview is performed on stage using the root as the source of inquiry.

  • Translation
  • Two people. Someone presents a poem in another language or gibberish. The other person translates each line. If the poem was given in another language, the real translation is presented at the end.

  • Cut-Up that Journal
  • Ask for someone’s journal. Perform the journal using the cut-up technique (read sections, flip pages, add words, etc).


  • Writing Prompts
  • Pass out pieces of paper with pre-written prompts (this is done before and during the Write Club night). Writers create a piece of work based on their prompt. Everyone goes on stage to perform their piece.

  • Manifesto Minutiae
  • Ask for (root(s), number of lines). Everyone writes the number of lines requested about the root. Each person performs their lines on stage and contributes to the ever growing Write Club Manifesto. Below are some example lines using books as the root.

    • Books do not run on batteries.
    • Books glorify the dead documenters of our past.
    • Books should be free.
    • Books beautify any room by the brightness of their spines, striking smell of their printed pages, and the hopeful prospect of their journey.
    • Books are obsessed about being read alone, aloud, and in groups.
  • Phone Poems
  • People present poetry from their phone.

  • Pass along Prose
  • Ask for (root, number of lines). Writers will start this game by writing a single line down on a piece of paper. This paper is then passed along to the next person who writes a second line on the piece of paper. Prior to passing, the second writer folds over the piece of paper, hiding the first writer’s line. This continues until the paper arrives back at the original writer who writes the last line.

  • Instrumental Writings
  • Ask for (root, writing time) by musician. Everyone writes while musician plays. Once asked time passes, people start performing over the music.

  • Write Club Battles
  • Sign-up for our mailing list and become a Write Club Battle Contender! Assignments will be handed out before the evening once there is enough for a bout. Late registration available the night of Write Club. You will have 6 minutes, plus whatever the audience will give you (up to 30 seconds to 1 minute) to explore a tangent, to explore your topic. Your opponent has the same opportunities. In the end, the audience decides who wins the battle. You then win a title given by the audience for the evening. At a later time, you must defend your title.

  • Puppet Dialogue
  • Ask for (root, group number, line number). Take a sheet of paper and rip it into pieces to match the specified group number. Write dialogue in groups, matching the number of papers you have. Once everyone has the specified lines of dialogue, collect the papers, folding each group together. Shuffle in a container. Invite someone to grab a pack of dialogue. Unfold and hand out the pieces to other random audience people. Each person gets on stage with a microphone. Perform the the dialogue.

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