LayFlats Arts and Music Festival

I don’t know what rock we have been hiding under, but we just found out about the LayFlats Arts and Music Festival last night from a friend. Sounds like a great time. More information on their website.

Be sure to check it out this year, Saturday September 13th, 2008! We’ll be talking about it again around that date and probably doing some interviews at the festival as well.

Trent & The Rippers ignite the 2nd Stage

You can see more pictures from last year’s festival at the Flickr group album.

4 thoughts on “LayFlats Arts and Music Festival”

  1. Aaron–I don’t remember you telling me, but I’m sure you did. This sounds like something you would know about and attend. Things like this you need to force me too!

    Travis–I’m writing you now.

  2. How did you not know about this?
    Let’s make plans to be downtown on 3/21.
    That’s good friday.

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