What’s up with that? S03E07 – 10-03-2009 – Breakfast Club

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What’s up with that? A show not hosted by Ryan Hill. Music used in this show was Resolutions Chris Summer Remix from netBloc Vol. 23: We Invented The Compilation by Entertainment for the Braindead.


  1. Last night you went on a date with capitalism, give us the details.
  2. You are trying to get a mortgage, what do you wear to open up the banker’s minds?
  3. You and your friends manage to kill a sacred cow, what do you do with the carcass?
  4. You just woke up! Tell us your dreams or nightmares about health care.
  5. You just got home from work or school and the Obama administration has redecorated your living space, what did they do to it?
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Shoutout to ezdoesit Productions (YouTube MySpace)

Some topics that came up in our talks:

Marriage material
Ron Paul
Federal Reserve System
American Economy
Chest hair
Sacred cow
Health care in Canada
Health insurance
Flea market