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Political Audio Experiment

The Lafayette City Council’s recent (April 7th) public meeting had some interesting quotes hidden within the over two and half hours of audio. The meeting was already charged up due to the controversial smoking ban ordinance on the table. I highly recommend listening to the entire thing if you want to get a feel for city government. The file can be downloaded on the city’s web site.

After talking with some friends, we decided to take a few of those clips and play around with Wolfram’s Music Generator to make some nice hip-hop music. We present the Would You Clean up Your Language Medley.

Download the Would You Clean up Your Language Medley (3:14)

This isn’t the last song on the City Council’s Greatest Hits. We can’t do it without your help, though. When you make your own, send them our way so we can post them on the site.


It wasn’t. Here’s another. Music was donated by a family member!

Download the Get back on the other side of the river! (Pokey Remix) (2:58)