What’s up with that RSS subscription?

We just got this voicemail from a friend. I thought the link on the right to the RSS feed worked for iTunes? Do we have to do something else? Something different? Please let us know if it works or doesn’t.


Download RSS Subcription Complaint

6 thoughts on “What’s up with that RSS subscription?”

  1. As you should—if you want to be online! We figured since this was commenting directly on the site, it deserves to be online.

  2. You have to copy/paste the RSS Feed URL directly into iTunes. I’m using a mac and the steps are:

    1)copy “feed://themediacollective.org/?feed=rss2”
    2)Open iTunes
    3) go to the advanced menu
    4) Click “Subscribe to Podcast”
    5) Paste URL into text box
    6) Watch your computer download amazing Media Collective audio files that you can listen to via your personal mp3 device!

    I’d imagine the steps for a PC user are almost the same.

    So tell Jangus to shut his suck! ha!

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