What’s up with that? S03E11 – 04-24-2010 – Purdue Breakfast Club (Grand Prix)

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What’s up with that? A show not hosted by Ryan Hill. Music used in this show was Bad Banana Bread from Live at WFMU on Marty McSorely’s show, 4/13/2010 by CSC Funk Band.


  1. Why are you here?
  2. You are the IMF out partying with Greece, having a great time. However, Greece has run out of money and needs to borrow some from you. What are your terms and conditions for the loan?
  3. What piece of the Middle East do you want?
  4. Obama has put you in charge of the world economy, what American products would you like to see recalled?
  5. You are leaving a bar and you notice on the ground an electronic device. It’s red, white, and blue and labeled “military technology prototype”. You turn it on. What sound does it make and what does it do?
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Some topics that came up in our talks:

printing money
West Bank
taxing drugs
sport utility vehicle