Fun New Audio Goodness

Here is something we made yesterday playing around on our SP-555. There are skits, music, and much, much more! Enjoy.



Download this episode (running time 5:21) in MP3 or Ogg

4 thoughts on “Fun New Audio Goodness”

  1. If it wasn’t your intention to have me cracking up, I apologize. I was laughing a lot. It’s absurd and in its absurdity it’s pretty damn amazing narration. I like the girlish sounds you’re making when I go inside this gruff dude’s lair.

    You make some weird stuff. The part at 3:33 reminds me a little of Moody Blues, On the Threshold of a Dream. A little influence there?


  2. Well thank you for the great compliment. The intention of this piece was to make it an enjoyable experience. If you chose to laugh. Great. If you chose to cry. Great. As long as it MOVEs you in someway.

    We are not (consciously) familiar with Threshold of a Dream, but we will need to check it out.

    Submit yourself to Google Maps and GPS! The Government will be filled with happiness!

  3. I felt like I was in a B horror movie in some spots but that’s ok, the government can’t find me because I don’t have GPS. LOL

    Nice job son and friends.

    Nichole, I had to look up “Threshold of a Dream”. I think you are referring to the song “The Dream” from the album of that name. If so, I can hear what you are hearing. = )

  4. I recently watched the movie ‘District 9’ . . . the “son” telling his “dad” “don’t let them get me” reminded me of a scene in the movie . . . rather sad.

    Moody Blues, Zappa and Gwar . . . yes I hear them all.

    Google Maps, GPS and the US government . . . something Frank definitely would have written about.

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