Wave Goodbye to the Internet, USA!

I have always loved humor and laughter. As a young engineer I got an impulse to start a Dial-a-Joke in the San Jose/San Francisco area. I was aware of such humor services in other countries, such as Australia. This idea came from my belief in laughter. I could scarcely believe that I was the first person to create such a simple service in my region. Why was I the first? This was 1972 and it was illegal in the U.S. to use your own telephone. It was illegal in the U.S. to use your own answering machine. Hence it also virtually impossible to buy or own such devices. We had a monopoly phone system in our country then.” – Steve Wonziak on Net Neutrality

With that being said. It will be difficult, in the near future, for us to deliver the Media Collective to you as it currently stands.

Please take out your pen and check book. Ads will be erected for the highest bidder.

We will implement a token system in 2011. Be on the look out for the announcement.

Good day.
Happy Holidays.
Merry USA.