Interview: Popular Ego Debuts to Fans (on time) at the Black Sparrow

2012-08-11-Popular Ego Poster

For the first time in the history of the establishment, a show at the Black Sparrow started on time. Popular Ego debuted to a packed house. With an already established fan club, the transition was intuitive. Chad Rainey on guitar, Andrea Sullivan hitting the drums, Ryan Pitts (from Tigerfox) on bass, Ethan from LA.

Popular Ego also had a poster decoration contest; carrots were a major theme of the evening with patrons and fans alike. If you are well dressed and enjoy vegetables, Popular Ego is for you.

There is a fan page on Facebook. Search’em out. Cintia and Roberta would appreciate it.

Set list from the evening:

  1. Long Hair
  2. Fashion Farm
  3. Chickpea
  4. Kidney Bean
  5. My Perfect Cousin
  6. Ghost in My Room
  7. RnR Scientist (birthday gift from Chad)
  8. Bad Generation (Public education situation in America)
  9. Make Way for the Punks
  10. Biggest Baby

It should be noted that the sequence of Make Way for the Punks and Biggest Baby was intentional. Could someone please confirm with us that there was no pause between the two songs during the debut performance?

Keep checking Popular Ego’s soundcloud for the bootleg.

MP3: [audio:]

Download the interview, Popular Ego Debuts to Fans (on time) at the Black Sparrow (7:50), in MP3 or Ogg.


3 thoughts on “Interview: Popular Ego Debuts to Fans (on time) at the Black Sparrow”

  1. I don’t think there was any pause between “Make Way for the Punks” and “Biggest Baby”.
    At least we practiced it that way. One correction, we didn’t actually play 11 songs. “Public education situation in America” isn’t one of the songs but does make a great subtitle for Bad Generation.

  2. Interesting. Thanks for updating us.

    We have also moved Public education situation in America as the subtitle for Bad Generation.

    Keep us posted on your next show.

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