Holiday Pop Nuggets of 2012

UPDATE: We forgot to release two tracks, now appended to the front of this great medley. Enjoy!

What happens when you get some friends and family together over the winter holidays? Well, if you have a looping pedal, you may get something like the medley of pop song nuggets below. The songs appear in the following order:

Makin’ a Rock Song (new)
Election Day Defeatist (new)
Yo Big Jello
Don’t Scrape up the Wood
Look Around (Watcha Gonna Do)
Winter (Weather Event)
Santa’s Chimney Links
Old Presents
Bubble Bobble Trouble
Plus Blitzen is Mistletoe in Reverse (or so says the VSS-30)
Time to Say Goodbye (Eve before the Eve)

MP3: [audio:]

Download the Holiday Pop Nuggets of 2012 (7:23), in MP3 or Ogg.