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Chicago Zinefest 2012 – S01E02 – Rosy Phinick & God Save the Zine

Chicago Zinefest 2012 Logo

March of 2012 we conducted interviews with people who tabled and patronized the Chicago Zinefest. We will do the same this year during the 2013 Chicago Zinefest.

Enjoy the meanderings with Rosy Phinick, God Save the Zine, and everyone else.

MP3: [audio:http://themediacollective.org/wp-content/uploads/newschannelinternet/Chicago_Zinefest_2012/chicagozinefest-S01E02.mp3]

Interview: John Davey Transcends the Undertow in a Whelming Tide

News Channel Internet

We chat with John Davey about his upcoming album, In a Whelming Tide, available June 22nd in person and June 26th, online. The new album has an undertow of star crossed lovers, desperation, loss, redemption, hope, and gladness.

Mike Dodaro makes a guest appearance to inform the world that he is the best.

MP3: [audio:http://themediacollective.org/wp-content/uploads/newschannelinternet/2012-Interviews/themediacollective.org-2012-05-25-John_Davey.mp3]

Download the interview, John Davey Transcends the Undertow in a Whelming Tide (9:42), in MP3 or Ogg.

News Channel Internet – Interview: Bridget Johnston

News Channel Internet

Bridget Johnston. Lover of scotch whiskey, dogs, photography, skirts and dresses. Lives vicariously as a New Yorker through Woody Allen to fulfill her childhood dream of living in the city. She decorates her walls with art by Pollock, Ginsberg poems, posters of Mile Davis, cards, and cut-outs from magazines (which she subscribes to none). She fears becoming crotchety, being over bodies of water, dreading her job, and terrible accidents to loved ones. She was a features editor for the Purdue Exponent. She recently moved to Washington to start an internship at the glorious media empire known as C-SPAN. We spoke with Bridget recently over Skype to get her story.

MP3: [audio:http://themediacollective.org/wp-content/uploads/newschannelinternet/2012-Interviews/themediacollective.org-Interview-Bridget-Johnston.mp3]

Download the interview, Bridget Johnston/em> (15:53) in MP3 or Ogg.

E3: Experiment, Exchange and Enjoy Improvisational Arts #3 Interviews – Lala Gallery – March 11th, 2011

Another glorious and strange evening of E3 performances occurred on March 11th, 2011 at the wonderful Lala Gallery in downtown Lafayette. Afterwards, we interviewed a person from the audience and some of the artists involved. The result is the audio below.

If you were involved in any capacity with E3 (audience member, performer, casual observer) and would like to comment on the evening, the interviews, or the idea of E3 in general, you can call The Media Collective’s freeform question, comment, and improvisational line, 312-DRY-TOFU (312-379-8638). Call day or night!


Play the full set of Interviews in MP3:

[audio:http://themediacollective.org/wp-content/uploads/newschannelinternet/E3-2011-03-11/themediacollective.org-E3-2011-03-11-Interview%2001.mp3,http://themediacollective.org/wp-content/uploads/newschannelinternet/E3-2011-03-11/themediacollective.org-E3-2011-03-11-Interview%2002.mp3,http://themediacollective.org/wp-content/uploads/newschannelinternet/E3-2011-03-11/themediacollective.org-E3-2011-03-11-Interview%2003.mp3,http://themediacollective.org/wp-content/uploads/newschannelinternet/E3-2011-03-11/themediacollective.org-E3-2011-03-11-Interview%2004.mp3,http://themediacollective.org/wp-content/uploads/newschannelinternet/E3-2011-03-11/themediacollective.org-E3-2011-03-11-Interview%2005.mp3,http://themediacollective.org/wp-content/uploads/newschannelinternet/E3-2011-03-11/themediacollective.org-E3-2011-03-11-Interview%2006.mp3,http://themediacollective.org/wp-content/uploads/newschannelinternet/E3-2011-03-11/themediacollective.org-E3-2011-03-11-Interview%2007.mp3|titles=Interview 01 – Esteban Garcia of Paper Jamz,Interview 02 – Jordan Cleland of Paper Jamz,Interview 03 – Aaron Zernack of Paper Jamz,Interview 04 – Audience Member,Interview 05 – Chester Udell,Interview 06 – Holly Jaycox,Interview 07 – Angela Vinson – Lala Gallery owner]

Download/Stream (OGG) the Interviews

  • Interview 01 – Esteban Garcia of Paper Jamz MP3 | OGG (2:59)
  • Interview 02 – Jordan Cleland of Paper Jamz MP3 | OGG (2:15)
  • Interview 03 – Aaron Zernack of Paper Jamz MP3 | OGG (2:20)
  • Interview 04 – Audience Member MP3 | OGG (3:16)
  • Interview 05 – Chester Udell MP3 | OGG (3:02)
  • Interview 06 – Holly Jaycox MP3 | OGG (4:59)
  • Interview 07 – Angela Vinson, Lala Gallery owner MP3 | OGG (5:41)

Sadly, some of the artists left early and we were not able to interview them in person. We did, however, follow up via e-mail. You can read the rest of this entry for their written responses.

Continue reading E3: Experiment, Exchange and Enjoy Improvisational Arts #3 Interviews – Lala Gallery – March 11th, 2011

City Foods Interview with Mary Lehmkuhl

The Media Collective attended a recent event put on by the great folks at City Foods, the local food co-op:

City Foods and Thistle Byre Farms 101 – a short presentation intended to update the public, members, and volunteers, of City Foods progress and mission. Abbey Abbott-Rider will also provide a background of her family-run farm, Thistle Byre Farm. Ms. Abbott-Rider, Nurse Practitioner, will also speak about the nutritional benefits of eating whole, local foods.

After the presentations, we were able to chat with Mary Lehmkuhl of City Foods to get the run down of the food co-op.

Be sure to check out the City Foods calendar for upcoming events.

The music we used in this show was Gepel’s Astart from their album, Moducué. You can download it from the freemusicarchive.org

MP3: [audio:http://themediacollective.org/wp-content/uploads/newschannelinternet/CityFoods/nci-CityFoodsInterview-03-09-2010.mp3]


Download this installment of News Channel Internet (running time 16:47) in MP3 or Ogg