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What’s up with that? Pilot Episode 2

This show contains a few questions and the free form style that was in the first episode.

The first segment answers the question “How do you feel about Monday[s]?” We hear a response as to why Monday is good and why Monday is bad. Someone near us decides to share some wisdom with the masses regarding relationships, and we are wished good luck with the evening and the show. The second segment features a brief interaction about high heeled shoes. The third segment has a bouncer from Jake’s narrating his life of rock-paper-scissors playing and puke cleaning. We get some quick commentary about the match. The fourth and final segment is some information regarding the changes that the new Purdue President will be making on campus.

Once again, we can’t wait to do more of these, so if you like what you hear and want to be on the show, please let us know.


What’s up with that? Pilot Episode 2