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Punk Rock Show at Zoolegers

The Media Collective attended a great show at Zoolegers Night Club on February 22nd, 2008. The lineup was Drum Kit, The Coathangers, and Moto.

Here is a recording of each set. It should be noted that they were recorded with our Olympus WS300M–not exactly perfect for music, but it is small and gets the job done. Plus it is all we had on us.

As with all music, these sound better when running through an equalized MP3 player. Enjoy and support these musicians!

Drum Kit – 19:34
Download the MP3

The Coathangers – 25:52
Download the MP3

Moto – 56:40
Download the MP3

If any of the bands would like for us to remove these MP3s from our site, please contact us.

The Vagina Monologues 2008

POWER performed the Vagina Monologues on February 15th, 2008. The Media Collective recorded this show.

If you have never experienced the monologues, this will give you a little taste of what it is about. It should not be missed. You can see it next year around VDAY. Just look for the fliers on campus!

We have the show as one file and in parts:

Full Show

Download the Full Show (76:16)

5 Parts

Part 1
Download Part 1 (15:00)

Part 2
Download Part 2 (15:00)

Part 3
Download Part 3 (15:00)

Part 4
Download Part 4 (15:00)

Part 5
Download Part 5 (16:16)