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Music: The Unusual Few – Bloody Bass Bootleg – Vons Record Store Day 2013-04-20

The Unusual Few - Bloody Bass Bootleg - Vons Record Store Day 2013-04-20

well if everything goes as planned the unusual few will have a drummer for record store day. we are hoping it all works out. be ready for some good tunes, good records and lots of great bands. its going to be a fun day for any music fans out there – The Unusual Few

Well it went. Vons Record Store Day. Jurassic Pop put on an awesome festival. Some more audio to follow. We were really blown away by one particular set by a new up and coming band, The Unusual Few.

Self-described as, a “Filth Pop” band from Lafayette, IN. Influenced by everything from 60s garage to 90s alternative, deriving mostly from old school punk rock, a great band for angsty teens. Raw energy. Loud performance. Bloody bass. Check out our bootleg of the spectacle.

MP3: [audio:http://themediacollective.org/wp-content/uploads/hosted/music/bootlegs/The%20Unusual%20Few%20-%20Bloody%20Bass%20Bootleg%20-%20Record%20Store%20Day%202013-04-20.mp3]

The Unusual Few – Bloody Bass Bootleg – Vons Record Store Day 2013-04-20 (13:55) MP3 | OGG

Learn more about The Unusual Few on their Facebook page.

We hope this is the first of many performances by this new band.

Update: Here is a YouTube video of some of the Unusual Few’s songs from Vons Record Store Day.

Update 2: Here is a copy of the Unusual Few’s full set at Vons Record Store Day.

Update 3: “ATTENTION WHOEVER MADE THE BLOODY BASS BOOTLEG, could you possibly get me a CD copy with the cover? Message the page, thanks.”

Sadly, the Unusual Few, we do not use Facebook. Please get a hold of us via the contact page.

The Idle Kings Live at the Varsity Clubhouse

This past Friday the Idle Kings played at the Varsity Clubhouse (827 N. 6th Street, Lafayette Indiana). If you missed this great show, we have some MP3s for your to check out. Or you could listen to them live May 30th, 10PM at Zoolegers. We had a few issues with the Zoom H2 (ID10T errors), but managed to get most of the show.


Download the Idle Kings – Party Crashers (Live at the Varsity Clubhouse) (3:50)

Download the Idle Kings – Badonkadonk Blues (Live at the Varsity Clubhouse) (4:17)

Punk Rock Show at Zoolegers

The Media Collective attended a great show at Zoolegers Night Club on February 22nd, 2008. The lineup was Drum Kit, The Coathangers, and Moto.

Here is a recording of each set. It should be noted that they were recorded with our Olympus WS300M–not exactly perfect for music, but it is small and gets the job done. Plus it is all we had on us.

As with all music, these sound better when running through an equalized MP3 player. Enjoy and support these musicians!

Drum Kit – 19:34
Download the MP3

The Coathangers – 25:52
Download the MP3

Moto – 56:40
Download the MP3

If any of the bands would like for us to remove these MP3s from our site, please contact us.