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Bill Ayers Protest Soundscape – Purdue – 09-24-2009

The following audio was obtained on September 24th, 2009 in front of the Lawson Computer Science Building on the Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana campus.

In this soundscape you will hear various speeches, conversations, and the various other noises that occurred during the 4 and 1/2 hours we were at the protest. We apologize for the microphone grumbles and audio drop-outs near the end.

Bill Ayers Protest Soundscape – 09-24-2009 (42:53)

Click here for audio interviews from the Bill Ayers Protest at Purdue University

Binaural Microphones Fixed!

Ever since I started recording with my binaural microphones, I thought the quality was a little poor.

This weekend, something possessed me to make another set to see if the recordings could be better. I still had several WM-61A capsules from my original purchase, so I decided to give it a shot.

Here are two audio files. One was created using the old set, and the other using the new set. Both were recorded with the Zoom H2:

Old microphones (WARNING: Some crackles in the audio)


New microphones


Don’t forget to use headphones for the full effect. I apologize for the slight crackling on the old microphone recording. I think the connection had gone bad as well.

I’m not sure as to what caused the difference—soldering? Bad capsules? I’m just happy the result is much better!

Lose Yourself in the Hovde Fountain

I took a bicycle ride this morning and had some interesting thoughts around the Hovde Fountain (Engineering Fountain).

I take you closer and closer to the source of the flowing water, starting at the top of the steps Hovde and ending on the benches that surround the fountain.

Start the sound to get the full effect of the fountain animation.

Download Hovde Fountain 07-06-2008