Sounds of an Empty Nest

Mac the Cockatoo

This is Mac the cockatoo. We recorded him on a visit to my parent’s house so we could have add him to the annuls of the Internet. My mother sent me a picture so we could accurately represent Macafee on the Internet.

My parents rescued Mac the Cockatoo from a neighbor who was mistreating him. I don’t know if they were prepared for this type of ambient noise. He doesn’t talk much. Usually only making farting and raspberry sounds at people he does not like. However, he will speak from time to time. Can you identify what Mac is saying in this clip?

The audio on this file is loud! You have been warned.


Download Sounds of an Empty Nest (1:32)

5 thoughts on “Sounds of an Empty Nest”

  1. Yep. And if you and the family want to visit the bird sometime, just let us know! Mac is even better in person.

  2. I took a course in “Parrot Language Interpretation” while in grad school. The course is also called “Multivariate Statistical Analysis” and “Advanced Econometric Analysis” depending on your department. Anyway, based on my memory of the course, I have no idea what Mac is saying. But I thought I might take the opportunity to suggest the course for anyone who is really curious…

  3. I would like to know why my comment has not been approved yet? For god’s sake, how long does it take? Didn’t you like my comment?

  4. Sorry it took so long to moderate the comment. We were away for the weekend. Our deepest, most sincere apologies.

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