City Foods Interview with Mary Lehmkuhl

The Media Collective attended a recent event put on by the great folks at City Foods, the local food co-op:

City Foods and Thistle Byre Farms 101 – a short presentation intended to update the public, members, and volunteers, of City Foods progress and mission. Abbey Abbott-Rider will also provide a background of her family-run farm, Thistle Byre Farm. Ms. Abbott-Rider, Nurse Practitioner, will also speak about the nutritional benefits of eating whole, local foods.

After the presentations, we were able to chat with Mary Lehmkuhl of City Foods to get the run down of the food co-op.

Be sure to check out the City Foods calendar for upcoming events.

The music we used in this show was Gepel’s Astart from their album, Moducué. You can download it from the

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