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E3: Experiment, Exchange and Enjoy Improvisational Arts at Lala Gallery

We just received an e-mail from Danny Weiss about the upcoming Experiment, Exchange and Enjoy (E3) series at Lala Gallery in downtown Lafayette. The tentative dates are:

  • January 14
  • February 11
  • March 11
  • April 08

From the E3 web site:

E3 Series for Improvisation Performance is a new event taking place once a month in downtown Lafayette’s Lala Gallery. Our goal is to present dynamic performances around the central theme of Improvisation by a variety of artists from different genres, including dance, sound and spoken word.

They also have a Kickstart project for this series. Please help donate if you can:

If you are involved in any performance art that uses improvisation, sign up now!

Downtown Lafayette Gallery Walk Audio Collage

Picture from homeofpurdue.com

We took our recorder to the gallery walk last night and recorded some of the street performers. If you have never been on a Gallery Walk, you should. It’s a great time to see local art exhibits, enjoy some live music, drink free wine and eat some free food. A very enjoyable time.

The flyer can be downloaded from the Tippecanoe Arts Federation website.

Download Downtown Lafayette Gallery Walk Audio Collage 08-01-2008