Developmental Movement: 2014-04-20 – Veteran’s Memorial Parkway

In an effort to capture the development in and around the Greater Lafayette community, we are starting to archive animated GIFs of the area. Are these the types of structures we want impacting our existence now? Will they help create a sustainable and vibrant future?

If you would like to contribute, please use the hashtag: #dmlala

These were taken on Veteran’s Memorial Parkway in Lafayette.

Development Movement #greaterlala 2014-04-20 - Veteran's Memorial Parkway

Development Movement #greaterlala 2014-04-20 - Veteran's Memorial Parkway

One thought on “Developmental Movement: 2014-04-20 – Veteran’s Memorial Parkway”

  1. The Centennial Neighborhood Master Plan is only about a year old, but will it be followed or disregarded? The land was targeted for a planned development. Now it might be a church.

    “Hunt said the church’s designs that he has seen generally fits with the neighborhood’s master plan, but it falls short of the plan’s call for a mixed use facility there.”

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