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News Channel Internet – Hitching for Humanity Interview

Well, we finally had the time to expand The Media Collective beyond one project! We also wanted to have a showcase/feature show, and finally had the opportunity to interview something unique happening in the area. After getting a phone call from a friend about two brothers who were hitchhiking across America and making a documentary, we decided to set out an make them the first interview.

A few things first: We apologize for the quality of the audio. We sat outside (too beautiful of a day to pass up [and one person did not have shoes]). We only had one lapel microphone. For the setup we did have, we’re pretty pleased.

Will and Tim, two brothers making a feature length documentary called Hitching for Humanity, set out on a journey in search of random acts of kindness and to show the world that beautiful people still exist. They started in Massachusetts and plan on ending up in California. This interview covers their stop in West Lafayette, Indiana on the campus of Purdue University. They plan on submitting the film to Slam Dance and where ever else the people take it.


Download: News Channel Internet’s Interview with Hitching for Humanity (11:42)