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West Lafayette Stadium Square Strip Mall Development Interview

Listen to the full phone interview:

MP3: [audio:http://themediacollective.org/wp-content/uploads/newschannelinternet/2011-Interviews/themediacollective.org-Stadium%20Square%20Strip%20Mall%20Interview.mp3]

Download the West Lafayette Stadium Square Strip Mall Development Interview (35:39) MP3 | OGG

We had the pleasure of speaking with Marc from Boilercribs about their development plans for the Stadium Square Strip Mall (currently housing Mad Mushroom Pizza, Jimmy Johns, Taste of China, University Bookstore, Emporium Hairstyling Center):

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The background:

Marc, from Boilercribs, and his real estate development company are planning a 10-story high rise in place of the Stadium Square strip mall (~13,000 square ft) and adjacent apartment building (see map above). The new building will be (and these are just approximations since everything is still in the planning stages):

  • The main floor would be commercial retail space (~30,000 – 40,000 square feet)
  • Floors 2 – 10 would be apartments ranging from 1 bedroom to 4 bedrooms

On June 17th, Marc announced on Twitter:

In conjunction w our development plans across from Mackey, #BoilerCribs will contribute $250,000 cash to support the neighborhoods.

This prompted a flurry of interest from all over, including us here at the Media Collective. We scheduled an interview and have the audio available below.

In discussing the $250,000 announcement, Marc learned that the city of West Lafayette and surrounding neighborhood would like to see projects that focus on protecting, revitalizing, rehabilitating, rejuvenating the neighborhoods. The individual projects are still being discussed as this is very much in the early planning stages.

According to Marc, in tandem with the recent new construction and renovation of Mackey Arena, the Purdue Athletic Department is also trying to develop an environment where locals do not come just 30 minutes before a game, but spend a couple of hours in the area beforehand.

A specific area of concern for us is the particular commercial entities that would call this new building their home. Marc stated in the interview that several commercial enterprises already established on other Big Ten universities have expressed interest in this new development. Due to the proximity of the structure to the New Chauncey Neighborhood, the types of businesses (chain, franchise, original) will determine the community and culture that will develop there.

We understand that the term local business is not a binary, but a scale. Studies have been done that show the more locally-minded the business is, the greater amount of their capital is spent (on goods, services, wages, taxes, etc.) in the local economy. We would like to see original (not chains or franchises) businesses move into this new development. Especially ones that maximize spending their capital in the local economy. This, along with the cultural and community impact, should be at the forefront of the business recruitment process.

One idea we forgot to mention to Marc was to approach established local businesses (e.g. Triple XXX, Greyhouse, Von’s, Vienna, etc.) and see if they would be interested in pursuing a venture in this new space.

Thanks to Marc’s determination and appreciation of the benefits in transparency, he is encouraging everyone with an interest in this project to contact him (Facebook, Twitter, website). Along with input, he will also release the plans for the development to the public. With an emphasis on an open and democratic process, the new development will, hopefully, fit the cultural, community, and economic needs of the people who live in the New Chauncey Neighborhood and not just those of the outside businesses that have expressed interest.

UPDATE 2011-06-20

There was a brief question on Twitter about Mad Mushroom losing it’s location:

bwheaton07: No more Mad Mush? http://t.co/WSrxbsv

Boilercribs: quite the contrary, hoping they want to be part of new development. Love mad mush! RT “@bwheaton07: No more Mad Mush? http://t.co/GVQMIV5

This story has also caused WBBA and J&C to take notice:

Boilercribs: Phone interview with @wbaanews @mikeloizzo at 10:15am today regarding our stadium development and $250,000 neighborhood contribution

amandahamon: Just spoke with Marc from @BoilerCribs. The company is planning a 10-story high rise at Stadium Square mall in WL. More @jconline soon.

Here is a link to the first Journal and Courier article, Developer plans 10-story high rise in WL.

Update 2011-06-21

The Journal and Courier released a second article about the development, 10-story plan floated for site across from Mackey.

WLFI has joined in the fun with an interview:

@spooling Erick Thomas: As a student I fully support this Marc RT @Boilercribs: just had phone interview with @WLFI re our proposed 10 story high-rise

Marc was also Tweeted this:

@Boilercribs Just had largest online real estate publication in country reach out to me for potential interview, this is going national

The story even made the AP news wire, Plans for 10-story tower near Purdue worries some.

This is very exciting.

What’s up with that? S03E08 – 10-17-2009 – Breakfast Club

What's up with that? - Logo
What’s up with that? A show not hosted by Ryan Hill. Music used in this show was Life on the Odyssean Wave from The Devil’s Dreamworld by Steven Arntson.


  1. The producers from your favorite television network are making a new reality show based on your life. Give us the details of the first season.
  2. Due to the straining economy, hemorrhoids start appearing on the streets, buildings, and other entities. You go up to one and squeeze it, what happens?
  3. Your vision has deteriorated and all of the private optometrists are dead. The White House sends you a pair of glasses in the mail. Describe your world view.
  4. Giant squirrels are gathering humans to store and eat for winter. Who do you sacrifice and why?
Download What’s up with that? S03E08 (10-17-2009) (28:21)

Independent Media Mentioned During the Show

Words with Joe Barlow

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What’s up with that? S02E07 (10-03-2008)

What's up with that? - Logo
What’s up with that? A show not hosted by Ryan Hill. Music used in this show was from an earlier post, Danny Weiss at the Farmer’s Market.

Another show in the B35T-style. Let us know what you think.


  1. McCain, Obama, Biden, and Palin are going trick-or-treating. What do they dress up as?
  2. How does government haze you?
  3. You can only speak gibberish. What is the meaning of life?
  4. How is government healthy or unhealthy?
Download What’s up with that? S02E07 (10-03-2008) (33:31)

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What’s up with that? S01E28 (Breakfast Club Edition #9)

What’s up with that? A show not hosted by Ryan Hill. Music from Wolfram Music Generator

This is it. The final episode of the season. We made it. We finished the project. It only took us five months after we stopped recording to finally get to this stage, but we did it! We would like to thank everyone who participated with us on the first season. Be on the lookout for the “Got the Itch” season bridge. We interviewed the last two Fridays, so there is content waiting to be put up!

The final episode’s questions were:

  1. How does the writer’s strike affect you?
  2. What’s the best way to say your sorry?
  3. What is made in America?
  4. How do you feel about the face of the Golden Boy?

Download: What’s up with that? S01E28 04-14-2008 (31:49)